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Whether you need to replace a roof or construct custom roofing on your new build, you can count on Schroeder Exteriors Inc. to get the job done right. Our roofing services are unmatched. It's hard to find a roofing company that specializes in commercial and industrial roofing repairs.

Has your roof been damaged by extreme weather or a falling tree? We'll help you file your insurance claim. Our roofing experts can take a look at the damage and report back to your insurance company to get you the coverage you need. We'll also work on the repairs you need to restore your roof.

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We're experts when it comes to commercial roofing

Having a solid roof on your commercial or industrial building is incredibly important. For all your commercial roofing needs, you can trust Schroeder Exteriors Inc.

Think of us when you need help with:

Roof installation or replacement

Patching leaks and holes

Insurance claim inspections

Roof repairs

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Featured Testimonial

Tom Schroeder and his company deserves 10 stars out of 5. He's worked with our condo association for a very long time and his company installed our roof in 2009.
He has cared about the relationship and quality of his work all this time. He is prompt, provides personal service, follows through and goes above and beyond.
I've actually never worked with a vendor in all my years in business with major corporations that excels in service the way Tom does with his clients.
Excellent job Tom. Thank you for the years of excellence.
- St. Croix Condo Association

Hire a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof

You don't have to keep putting up with a damp, drafty building or a leaky roof. Get the roofing repairs you need fast by enlisting the help of a roofing contractor from Schroeder Exteriors Inc. We've been repairing roofs since 1985.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Every roof we install comes with a 20-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your roof will stand the test of time.

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